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The artist Christos Kalogeropoulos known as Chef CK


All the unique pieces from the collections are created from Chris Kalogeropoulos or Chef CK, the 1st Greek Chef who innovates, as he is combining art, gastronomy & technology. Affected by the future and his passion to explore the universe, created the first collection with the name "Food of Space" with four unique pieces of art. 

His vision is to explore gastronomy in the outer space, where humans never been again. Chris's digital art encapsulates the otherworldly wonders and culinary fantasies of the universe, offering a unique and captivating perspective that invites art enthusiasts and space enthusiasts alike to embark on an extraordinary visual journey.

Chef CK's NFTs are not just about taste but about visual and sensory artistry. Each piece is a feast for the eyes, a work of art that captures the essence of his innovative approach to food and culinary design. These digital creations can adorn your virtual spaces, transforming them into gastronomic galleries. 

"Imagine someday, to create dishes and flavours, that nobody has ever eat again. Imagine to find an igredient like a deep blue grass and  make a smooth, sweet and bitter sauce with the blue of the sky'' Chef CK


CK Art's endeavors revolve around crafting collections that defy conventional expectations. Chef CK, the creative force behind this gastronomic journey, reshapes his culinary innovations into digital art forms, providing a window into his unique vision. Each dish and recipe receives meticulous attention, existing initially in tangible reality before being translated onto the digital canvas of CK Art. These plates are not mere visuals; they are immersive optical experiences that offer collectors a taste of the future, a glimpse into civilizations yet to be discovered beyond Earth's borders.

The two collections currently showcased on OPENSEA's official platform are but the prologue to a vast odyssey through the cosmos. The ultimate goal is to traverse galaxies, explore new planets, and lay the foundations of human colonization. As you embark on this gastronomic voyage, you become an integral part of a grand project that envisages the future of gastronomy as an interstellar culinary adventure. So, savor the journey and join the ranks of those pioneering the path to gastronomy in the uncharted territories of the universe.

Chef CK
Chef CK chris kalogeropoulos
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