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Digital Art

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​The future of Gastronomy project

CK Art
presents to you
Nft from Gastronomy on Mars Collection

Gastronomy of Greek Spaceship #3

CK ART nft creation

Digital artwork

Fish of Greek Spaceship #1



Our NFTs are the result of our passion for gastronomy and art. We’ve created a collection of digital art pieces that take viewers beyond their imagination. Our projects illustrate the impact of civilization on food in the future when we discover new planets and ingredients. From the beauty of the presentation to the layers of flavor, our NFTs are designed to evoke emotions and inspire wonder. We are confident that our NFTs will take collectors on a journey where no one has gone before!

Embark on a gastronomic odyssey beyond the stars. Each NFT in this collection is a taste of tomorrow's culinary frontiers – a brushstroke of imagination painted on the canvas of the cosmos. Own a slice of the future, where flavors transcend worlds, and culinary artistry knows no bounds. Delight in the endless possibilities, as we savor the universe one bite at a time.

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Be a part of a project bigger than you have ever imagine

All the unique pieces of art, are aviable to you on Opensea official page.

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